Haemair Limited
Haemair Ltd., Room 403, ILS Phase 2, Swansea University
Singleton Park, Swansea SA2 8PP   United Kingdom

Developers of a patented prosthetic lung and respiratory aid
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A Blood/Air Mass Exchanger to be Used as a Prosthetic Lung

Haemair Ltd. owns patented technology for a Blood / Air Mass Exchanger to be used as either a prosthetic (artificial) lung, or as an external respiratory aid. The patents also include the control mechanisms for the devices.

Haemair are currently seeking new investors. If you are interested or want more information look at our investment page.

Haemair's home at ILS Phase 2

"Haemair Limited has a mission to reduce Acute deaths, improve the lives of Chronic sufferers and to provide an alternative to lung transplantation."
Haemair Ltd.