Haemair was founded in 2005 by people who had friends or relatives who had died of, or suffered from, lung disease.  The objective was to develop a fully portable device that could be incorporated into the blood circulation to add oxygen and remove carbon dioxide.  The device would, in effect, augment the residual lung capacity of the patient and thus restore mobility and extend life


The Haemair Team

In developing our lung-assist device, we have built upon our original patented technology to gain experience in mass transfer to and from blood and in blood flow.  We have used these skills to develop a number of related technologies that also have the potential to save many lives.

We have a team that combines youth and experience with a wide range of complementary skills; these include mechanical engineering, chemistry, chemical engineering and medicine

The path to regulatory approval of our portable lung-assist device is long and expensive.  Hence, we expect to bring our simpler devices to market sooner.